Sunday, November 17, 2013


Who is the Dumbest Woman on the Internet?  Moronic Mary?  Dummy Cummy?  Wow, now that the seat has been filled for the Stupidest Woman in the World (see note below), Mary Cummins is desperately trying to advance from her position as the Dumbest Woman on the Internet to vie for the title!!

Let us visit Barren Lands of Mary Cummins mind…

I simply do not know where to begin any more.  Although the honor of being the stupidest woman in the world has been awarded to another woman (oddly enough also in California) who also likes to speak at City Council meetings just like Dummy Cummy, and she gives equal advice like Mary Cummins as well.

As quoted by the Stupidest Woman in the World, Jennifer:  “We can be rich in cotton and mining metals and silkworms and we can makes things, we can make things cars, the machine can make it for us...on the East Coast they have slaves and they believe in slavery and made in China, but on the West Coast, the new West Coast, we don't believe in that. We believe in the union and that's what we are.” 

As quoted by the Dumbest Woman on the Internet, Mary Cummins:  At least 1,200 members of the public who sent in complaints about Bat World Sanctuary and posted negative comments about Amanda Lollar and Bat World Sanctuary over the past 20 years. At least 20 doctors and many other people are against Amanda Lollar of Bat World Sanctuary.  Other bat sanctuaries and professional bat people have offered to take Amanda Lollar’s bats.” 

Mary, like Jennifer, just gets her facts all mixed up.  I guess when you are that dumb you assume that everyone is equally as mentally challenged.  Out of these supposed 1,200 members of the public who are allegedly making complaints, how is it possible that even the Dumbest Woman on the Internet, Mary Cummins, could not get one of them to testify against Lollar at trial or at any one of the some 25 court hearings?  You would at least think that those “20 doctors and many other people” would have stepped forward and volunteered to speak out against Amanda Lollar, who Cummins claims has committed the worst of crimes against all of humanity (and who Cummins has cyberstalked for over 3 years because she is obsessed with the illustrious Lollar).  OMG, I think Mary may get the popular title away from Jennifer after all!!!  

So some 1,225 people - animal lovers, people who care about life and the environment - not one these mysterious people have found their way to court to back up what Mary Cummins’ stating yet hundreds wrote letters of support for Lollar to the courts; 2 bat veterinarians (not just regular vets) testified to Lollar’s unquestionable,renowned abilities, a hand writing expert PROVED Mary Cummins was a liar (to which Mary responded, “I must have had a psychotic break; I think I was sleepwalking when I signed the contract”). Lollar had animal rights attorneys (lead by Randy Turner) work for her PRO BONO to the tune of over $300,000 while Cummins “paid for lawyer” dumped her lying, saggy butt.  

AND, after all, why has Mary Cummins not published the complaints?  Whereas Lollar has published the results of all of the investigations by every single government agency that found their way to Bat World Sanctuary ONLY because of Mary Cummins constant, relentless complaints.  Amanda Lollar never had one complaint made to a government agency, or anyone else, regarding her abilities or her care of animals – ever – until the malicious Mary Cummins set out on her reign of terror against Ms. Lollar.  

However, it was the same Mary Cummins who was reprimanded by California Department of Fish and Game for abusing a squirrel with no eyeballs (amongst other violations).  OMG, does it get any worse than abusing a poor, helpless, BLIND animal?  

Lest we not forget that Amanda Lollar has been recognized and certified as a “sanctuary of indisputable high standards” by both the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries  and the American Sanctuary Association,  the gold standards of accreditation.  These accomplishments cannot be bought, they can only be earned.  Mary Cummins does not have either of these accreditations.  Sadly, Mary only has reprimands from CADFG and the refusal of an educational permit.  And where is Mary Cummins Animal Advocates ‘sanctuary’?????  SUSPENDED. Now Mary would have us believe that she does not have to be incorporated to operate and her suspension means “nothing.”  Not according to the California Attorney General and Secretary of State.  No, you do not have to be incorporated but you DO have to be a non-profit in good standing to collect donations.  Again, herein lies the supreme example of the inadequacies of Mary Cummins mind.  She cannot read the written word and understand it.  She ‘interprets’ it.  Just like she interprets that Amanda Lollar is “in trouble” with EVERYONE (according to Mary Cummins).  Amanda Lollar is doing just fine.  For the second time she has been selected to be one of the Indianapolis Prize nominees (the Nobel prize of Animal Conservation).  Out of the hundreds of thousands of animal workers, researchers, scientists, PhD’s, zoologists, etc., only 39 were selected for the most coveted animal award in the world.    Please note that they are listed as “heroes” and for the second time within a year Amanda Lollar is in the company of Jane Goodall, the 21st century icon of all that is good, knowledgeable and caring. 

No wonder the deeply disturbed, indigent, failed Mary Cummins is so jealous of Amanda Lollar.  Amanda Lollar is a total success – founded and runs the largest bat sanctuary in the world, admired by tens of thousands of people, receives numerous awards, has been on major t.v. programs, nominated for the Nobel Prize of Animal Conservation-the Indy Prize, has had numerous articles of acclaim written about her accomplishments, author of 7 books, including the definitive medical reference for bats – whereas Mary Cummins is a complete and total failure – no job, no money, no car, no house, no family, no husband, no support system, no successes, no earned awards and at the age of 47 she should have accomplished ‘something’ by now.  Wow, it must hurt to be Mary Cummins. 

Maybe Mary Cummins does deserve the title of Stupidest Woman in the World with her constant malicious, bad-seed childish attacks on Lollar who is laughing uproariously while she breaks ground for the new Bat World facility on over 13 acres of prime land.  I wonder if Mary dreams about being Lollar???    I know she dreams about Lollar’s attorney and other women’s husbands.  

Dummy Cummy would have us believe that hoards of professional people, government agencies, the media (and others as she so often likes to say) are all against Lollar yet Amanda Lollar keeps advancing while Scummins sinks to the depths of despair with her failed attempts to take Lollar down at any cost – well at least at the cost of the reputation Dumbin Cummins may have previously had with her suspended non-profit, Animal Advocates, or her failed businesses, Cummins Real Estate Services and Cummins Real Estate Appraisals, or at the cost of everything she owns or everything she might have owned in the future.  I think the term “dumb shit” may have been created just for Cummins. 

Mary Cummins has been beaten, buried and sealed in concrete yet her stupid, stupid hand is still clawing to try and have someone, anyone, admire her.  If she weren’t such a roach you would have to feel sorry for her sub-standard brain, aging before its time body and failure of a life, but she is just so nasty that you have to rejoice and applaud Lollar and her followers.  Bat World’s followers are the loyalist people (deservingly so) I have ever seen.  Dummy Cummy, Mary Cummins, makes a post – BAM!  Bat World “bat peeps” are on it like white on rice with all the proof anyone, even a dummy, would need to realize how stupid, ridiculous and mentally ill Mary Cummins is.  They have taken a page from Lollar’s book and never post anything without giving proof whereas Mary Cummins only gives proof of her statements!  OMG, the idiot who has lost EVERYTHING and continues to lose to Lollar at every turn wants us to believe her idiotic, mundane, monotonous, repetitive, pathetic excuses for legal documents that she files and posts on line!  You know, the documents that have caused her to LOSE, LOSE, LOSE – over $6 MILLION DOLLARS.  Who wants to read losing documents????????  Intelligent people read the winning documents.  Who the hell wants to read garbage when you can read the truth posted by Lollar, Bat World and their followers?  

I still think Mary may take the title yet…..after all, I heard this week that she can actually chew kale and clean poop and vomit at the same time. 



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